The Judges

Tunku Halim

Tunku Halim is a Malaysian novelist and non-fiction writer. His fiction primarily falls within the horror genre and has been praisedtunku-halim for its literary qualities.

He lives nomadically but is a frequent visitor to Malaysia and Australia. He has worked in the corporate and business world but has found something better to do.

When not writing, he often gets himself knotted-up in various Yoga positions. He also enjoys Pilates. When not contemplating the eternal silence, he listens to Bob Dylan, David Bowie and the Bee Gees. He enjoys Classical music and Opera too.

The settings and characters of his stories are usually Malaysian-based yet are accessible to a wider readership. He is also interested in Malaysian history.




Amir Muhammad

Amir Muhammad is a Malaysian writer, publisher and occasional movie-maker. He has contributed to the Malaysian amir-muhammadprint media since the age of 14 and has had several columns.

His books, as writer, include the non-fiction 120 Malay Movies (2010) and a micro-fiction collection Rojak (2009), neither of which sold as well as a jokey compilation he did in 2007 called Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things: Vol 1. He has made several movies (mainly documentaries) that were shown in international film festivals such as Sundance and Berlin.

He runs two publishing companies, Buku Fixi (for urban pulp fiction in Malay and English) and Matahari Books (mainly for creative non-fiction). Two of the Fixi novels published in 2011 were turned into movies in 2013.