Write Tales is an English language short story writing competition that will take one’s creativity and imagination to AUSTRALIA! It is truly unique and the first of its kind in Malaysia.


  • Promote creative writing skills and effective articulation of the English language among Malaysians;
  • To create a free writing platform whilst promoting English language writing skills;
  • To serve the community by collaborating with local NGOs and schools to run free creative writing workshops and showcase our local performing arts;
  • To promote Australia as a unique and diverse country to inspire creative writing.

We are looking for a true champion in a most refreshing and creative short story writing!

You could be an 18 year old who is already an avid reader with an active imagination or a home maker who has a hidden talent in creative writing. Perhaps you are a business executive who is a storyteller at heart, or a grandparent who can conjure a fascinating story.

You are all invited to join WriteTales short story writing competition. You don’t have to go to Australia to write your story! Let your imagination, combined with research, soar and pen your masterpiece now.